Powerful Purpose


Powerhouse Pro is all about helping people find, own, and wield their “True Power”.

Using our “Power Up” Formula, we'll guide you through our proven system of creating a healthier, happier and more confident version of yourself in the next 12-14 weeks- without boring workouts, or fad diets. Believing that the mind has to be empowered in order to physically and effectively change lifestyles and bad habits; Powerhouse Pro Fitness has created the ultimate guide in getting you there.

Because we also believe fitness should enhance your life, rather than take away from it- every “Power Up”  program starts with an in-depth look at where you currently are, and creates an achievable path to where you want to be. Whether that's ditching the mid-afternoon energy slump so you can be active with your kids after school, banishing the expanding midsection that's making it harder to slide into your work trousers each passing year, or finally having the body confidence to buy clothes that show off your physique, rather than hide it.